Collected magazine for SiouxStudio

Photography Aneta Stancikova


February 2019





Created in collaboration with Collected magazine, our new editorial explores the sensory worlds of voluptuousness, sleekness and sensuality through the images of plant dyed silks. Irregular shape and imperfect skin of pomegranate stands in contrast to luxurious lustre of a silk scarf.  According to the ancient Greek myth, it was a pomegranate seed that sealed Persephone’s fate as the Queen of the Underworld. Having eaten six pomegranates seeds offered to her by her kidnapper and then husband Hades, she had to remain in the Underworld for six months of the year. This is how the ancient Greeks explained the cycle of the seasons with Persephone spending Autumn and Winter in the cold Underworld awaiting again the renewing warmth of Spring and Summer.











Editorial Mère et Fille

Photography Dina Khusain

February 2019






Editorial L'été en Provence

Photography Caroline Skadhauge

Models Jeanne S., Ninon C.

April 2018