Our main materials are plant based fibers that are easily regenerative and natural including cotton, linen, lyocell, hemp, and cupro. We use cotton threads and wooden and corozo buttons. We also use animal fibers like wool, alpaca, and silk because of their quality, longevity and the fact that they require very little water and energy use when caring for them.
When sourcing for our designs, we prioritize deadstock fabrics from local producers and suppliers.


Our continuous collection of unique garments is entirely designed and made in our atelier in Lyon, France. We function on a Made To Order business model that helps us to avoid any surplus stock and to reduce waste in general. 


You can help your garments last longer and reduce their environmental impact by caring for them properly. There are few steps you can take to extend the life of your clothing.
Wash your clothes less. Natural fibers usually require far less washing than synthetic fibers because they are breathable and thus less prone to smells. Wash your  clothes on low temperature or use cold water. Washing with cold water (30C and less) helps prevent color fading while using less energy.
Avoid tumble drying, hand dry when possible to avoid fiber degradation and to save energy.
If your garment label indicates dry cleaning only, it usually means that the fabric will not withstand repeated washing. If you decide to dry clean, we recommend choosing an environmentally-friendly service that does not use harmful chemicals to treat your clothing.

Every piece of clothing designed and crafted in our studio is made to last a lifetime. However, from time to time a well-loved garment can need some repairs. If you’d like advice or help with repairing a minor damage (replacing buttons or zippers, adjusting straps, open seams) please reach to us or come see us at our studio 15 Rue René Leynaud, 69001 Lyon, France.